Cookies policy

  1. Cookies: What do they mean?

Cookies are small files of data downloaded to the browser from the site you have visited. Cookies can be used to track specific interactions while browsing websites, which are used to store information that can be updated and retrieved. The data files are stored on the computer used by the user and include data that is anonymous and will not cause harm to your system. They’re used to keep track of the user’s preferences, for example, the preferred language, access information, or personalization of the site.

Cookies are also used to collect anonymous data regarding visitors’ use of the website. For instance, the webpage you’ve visited or if you employed an advertising “banner” to reach.

  1. What is the reason Red Link To Media, SL, makes use of cookies?

RedLink To Media, SL utilizes strictly necessary and necessary cookies to access our sites and allow users to move freely and access secure areas, use personalized options, etc. Additionally, Red Link To Media SL uses cookies that collect information related to the analysis of usage on the Web. They help enhance customer service by measuring the usage and performance of the site, to improve and make it more personalized.

Our sites could also include links to social media sites (such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube,…). RedLink To Media, SL is not in control of the use of cookies by these websites. For more details on cookies used by social networks or other websites not owned by SL, we suggest you review their policies on cookies.

  1. What purpose do we assign to different kinds of cookies?

By its mission:

  • Technical cookies are essential to enable the proper operation of a Web website and make proper use of the various options and services. For instance, they are used to keep the session, control the response time, performance, or confirmation of choices, use security features and share content on social networks, etc.
  • Cookies for personalization let the user specify or alter certain aspects of the standard options on the site, such as setting the local language, regional settings, or the type of browser.
  • Analytical cookies: Analytical cookies are the ones utilized by our web portals to create profiles for browsing and to be able to understand the preferences of its customers so that they can improve the range of items and products. For instance, with the help of an analytics cookie, the geographic areas most for a user’s interest would be managed, making it the most popular product, etc.
  • Advertising or advertising cookies: Cookies for advertising allow the control of advertising spaces according to specific requirements. For instance, the amount of time spent on access, editing of content or the edited content, etc. Advertising cookies permit, via marketing management, to save data about behavior through the analysis of patterns, studying accesses, and creating the profile of your preferences to provide advertisements that correspond to your profile’s preferences.

By the term:

  • Session Cookies: Session cookies are the ones that stay until the time the user is on the site and then are removed after a specific time.
  • Persistent cookies These cookies are saved in the user’s terminal for a more extended period and allow for control of preferences without repeating specific parameters every time the site is visited.
  1. What if I do not like these cookies, or if I can’t take any action?

To comply with the current laws and current legislation, we must request your consent to control cookies. If you do not consent to the procedure that indicates that you are not in compliance, we will only use technical cookies because they are necessary to use our website. In this scenario, we will not save any cookies. If you continue exploring our website without denying your consent, it means that you agree to the use of cookies.

Remember that if you refuse or delete browsing cookies on our Red Link To Media, SL Websites, we cannot keep your preferences in place, certain aspects of the pages are not functional, and we won’t be able to provide you with customized services. Every time you visit our site, we’ll have to again ask for permission to use cookies.

If you want to alter the configuration of your connection to the Web page, be aware that you can delete cookies or stop this data from being stored in your personal computer’s memory at any point by changing the settings that your web browser uses:

The browsers listed here are subject to modifications or updates, and we can’t guarantee that they’ll comply with the version you have installed on your current browser. It could also be that you are using a different browser that isn’t covered by these links, such as Konqueror, Arora or Flock, for example. You can directly access them via your browser’s options to prevent these confusions. This is typically located within the Options menu, located in the “Privacy” section. (Please check the help menu of your browser for more details.)

  1. Are the information gathered in the cookies used on other websites from Red Link To Media, SL?

We use specific cookies to create advertisements on third-party websites or to perform analyses for which we utilize tools not owned by Red Link To Media, SL. Cookies used are exclusively for Red Link To Media, SL, and do not commercialize them in any way.

  1. What exactly does the above information have to do with it?

If you agree to the cookies we use, you are allowing us to enhance our Red Link To Media SL Websites to give you the best access to our services and provide you with an efficient and personalized service.

Additionally, you can set your browser to ensure that only trusted websites or the pages you’re currently on can manage cookies, allowing users to set preferences.

In implementing this policy, Red Link To Media, SL is demonstrating its commitment to current laws regarding the use of cookies, giving you information so that you know what types of cookies we make use of and why we choose to use them. In this way, we aim to give you full transparency about the information we collect regarding the way you navigate your device on our website.

This policy is regularly reviewed to verify its accuracy. It is, therefore, able to be changed. We recommend that you revisit the site regularly, as we will keep you informed of any changes regarding this policy.

  1. Where can I find more details?

If you have questions about the use of cookies and are not addressed by this statement, please email us.

If you would like to know more regarding the cookie directive, look up the Official State Gazette published on March 31st, 2012 (for Spain), where the directives regarding electronic communications are transposed. The directive can also be found at

If you agree with the policy on cookies that are set forth by Red Link To Media, SL and click “Accept.”.