Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Identification data

By-Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, it is reported that the owner of the Website www.recetasgratis.net (from now on, the “Website” ) is:

RedLink To Media, SL, a Spanish company domiciled at C/Jordi de Sant Jordi, 11, Holanda – 08027 – Barcelona (Barcelona) with NIF B65616195 and registered in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona, on page 96, of Volume 42776, Sheet no B-412411 and with contact email: [email protected] (from now on, “Free Recipes”).

2. What is DoramasQueen?

DoramasQueen was established to provide customers with recipe ideas, cooking tips, and cooking advice. To this end, the concept behind DoramasQueen is nothing but the publication, along with other an array of videos, articles, and sound recordings, as well as programs and other data (from now on “Contents”) that provide practical guidance and methods to cook meals, drinks, and recipes that will help you prepare these.

To this end, our policy on publishing Content is stringent, and each of the Contents user’s wishes to share will be evaluated with the help of our editor, DoramasQueen. We retain the right to change or delete any or all of the contents of recipes.

As a result of DoramasQueen, we have taken the decision not to post on our Website the materials that address prohibited Content, as defined in section 5.2 and that violate intellectual property rights, or any other rights granted to third parties or when DoramasQueen believes that it is at its decision.

In all cases the above, it is those who edit DoramasQueen who, based on the criteria above, will determine the Contents published on the Website and which ones are not if the decision not to publish specific Contents doesn’t imply discrimination against users.

3. The acceptance of these Terms and Conditions

3.1 Access to and use of The Website will be subject to the Terms and Conditions set out below, in addition to the Privacy Policy and current legislation. It also grants rights to the person who accesses, uses, or contributes Content. The conditions of use.

3.2 By using and accessing this Website, you agree to without restriction or reservation the Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policies.

3.3 In the event of not agreeing with those Terms and Conditions, the person is required to not access and use the Website and quit the site immediately.

3.4 The user cannot access the Website or agree to the terms and conditions in the event of:

(a) You are not legally qualified to sign an agreement that is legally binding with DoramasQueen (b) you are not legally able to enter into a binding contract with Recent

(b) access, use, or distribution of Content might be contrary to any law that could be in force.

3.5 DoramasQueen reserves the right to make at any time and without prior notice changes and updates to information on the Website and its presentation and configuration, as well as the conditions and terms of accessibility and usage. The same applies to the same. Legally bound by the terms and conditions which remain in effect when they visit the Website. Therefore, they should regularly review these Conditions and Terms.

4. Accessibility and availability of the Website

4.1 The person who is using the Website through its access agrees to utilize it compliance the terms and conditions of this Terms and Condition and the Privacy Policy and any other applicable legislation and acknowledges that the use of the Website and the Content and services it provides takes place at your own risk and sole responsibility, assuming against DoramasQueen and any other third parties any damages that might be incurred as a result of a breach of this obligation.

4.2 The Website provides the user the option of registration. The user is accountable for providing accurate and complete details for registration and the registration of each of the products available via the site. Additionally, the user is responsible for ensuring the security of their password and username and notifying DoramasQueen of any incident in this regard.

4.3 To safeguard those rights for minors, our Website could include certain sections with restricted access to them.

5. Contents for the Site

5.1 DoramasQueen will reject and refuse to publish or remove all Contents which deal with the Content described in the section below or that violate intellectual property rights, or any other rights of third-party owners or when DoramasQueen believes that it is at its decision, provided that it does not constitute an act of discrimination.

5.2 As an illustration, but not as a limitation, DoramasQueen will not publish or remove Content that

address discriminatory or offensive Content that is based on sexual orientation or race, religion, or any other personal or social circumstances,

encourage hatred, harassment, and physical violence or create a hostile or intimidating atmosphere,

They are misleading or false, or encourage or support unlawful, public moral order, violent threats, sexually explicit, violent, pornographic in nature, defamatory, libelous or slanderous acts,

contain information that poses or could pose a risk to the security or privacy of any individual,

contain information that encourages the development of computer viruses, or contain viruses as well as other dangerous files

are commercial and may involve sales or commercial activities without the written permission of DoramasQueen, including sweepstakes and contests and pyramid schemes as well as other,

include the sending or transmission of “junk mail” or “chain letters” or the transmission of mass mailings that are not solicited as well as “spamming,”

provide restricted access pages, or hide pages or images

contain personal information, such as images or videos of another individual without the consent required for it,

advertise for and promote symbols or advertisements of illegal or unconstitutional organizations,

We encourage or violate infringe on the rights of industrial or intellectual property or rights to honor, privacy image commercial rights and contractual rights, or any other rights of any individual or entity or

encourage or reinforce behaviors or behaviors that are harmful to people or animals.

5.3 All Contents the user would like to publish will first be scrutinized by DoramasQueen and without taking any responsibility for any editing or moderation to find Content, which, in its view, could be unlawful or in violation of the law. Also, neither will DoramasQueen be held accountable for the contents published nor for the user’s actions concerning the Contents that are published.

5.4 If the Contents violate intellectual property rights or other rights granted to another third party, DoramasQueen will remove them from the Website or block their access if an appropriate authority has declared it following the rules in effect.

6. Participation mechanisms

6.1 The site includes forums as well as other participation tools.

6.2 The participants’ remarks in the mechanisms for participation reflect their opinions. They do not reflect the views of DoramasQueen, which is not accountable for the opinions posted by users on these mechanisms.

6.3 DoramasQueen reserves the right to remove or modify comments it considers inappropriate. Any forums on the Website can be shut down at any time without notice. In the same way, DoramasQueen will block access for those who display inappropriate behavior.

7. Cancellation of the user account

The user is entitled to cancel the accounts on the Website by using the mechanism available to do this within the site. The cancellation of an account will not permit the user to revoke the Content he gave as their intellectual property rights to their pass to DoramasQueen.

8. Disclaimer

8.1 DoramasQueen will not be accountable for any damages that result from the use of the Website and for any action taken based on the information contained therein.

8.2 DoramasQueen is not responsible for any security issues or disconnections that could be experienced or for any harm that could cause damage to the computer system used by the user (hardware as well as software) as well as the documents or files stored in them, as a result from the existence of virus on the computer used by the user in connection with the Website or malfunctioning of the browser or usage of non-updated versions of the same.

9. The responsibility for linking from other websites to DoramasQueen.

9.1 9.1 The person who wants to provide Free Recipes Content on his Website may add the link that connects his Website to the Website’s homepage.

9.2 The pages on the Internet that provide a link to the Website may utilize the logo, brand name, trade name, and any other distinctive symbol of DoramasQueen only and solely only in cases that are legally permitted or explicitly permitted by DoramasQueen.

9.3 The user is not permitted to duplicate the Website in any manner on their Website or create frames or frameworks which surround the Website, or permit access to it via various Internet addresses, or with other Content which may cause confusion or error to the public regarding the source of the Contents. This could be an act of competition or unjust imitation and serves to profit from the name and reputation of DoramasQueen or in any other manner that is not allowed by the law applicable to it.

9.4 The user who follows the Website’s link must not under any circumstance make misleading or false claims regarding DoramasQueen or its clients or members or about its content quality. Provided.

9.5 The pages on which the hyperlink for the Website is made available are not able to provide illegal, harmful Content, in violation of morality and good morals, which could create the false impression that DoramasQueen approves or supports the beliefs, actions, or actions of these users, or are not appropriate concerning the activities that DoramasQueen carries out.

10. The responsibility for linking DoramasQueen to other websites

10.1 To assist users in finding other services or information that may be of interest, the Website may contain hyperlinks or other links to other websites which are not controlled or owned by DoramasQueen. DoramasQueen is not in control of any of the information, content terms, and privacy policies of websites belonging to third parties; neither accepts any responsibility for their Content.

10.2 It is acknowledged by the user that accepts accessing other websites is not an indication that DoramasQueen endorses or approves of the Content of these websites and that DoramasQueen cannot be held accountable for any damage or loss which the user may incur because of access to the mentioned websites. Web or because of the trust it gives to the accuracy, completeness, or the existence of any information available through these websites.

10.3 DoramasQueen will remove from the Website or block access to the hyperlinks that reference illegal activities or infringe any property or rights of any third party if an appropriate body has declared the same, as stipulated by the current law rules.

11. Prohibited Activities

11.1 The user cannot engage in illegal or criminal activities on the Website, which includes, but is not restricted to child pornography, fraud against minors, corruption or trafficking in pornographic material and gambling and harassment, theft of industrial and commercial secrets, spamming, or sending virus-ridden or harmful files in violation of intellectual and industrial property rights, violation of honor, privacy or image rights, or the other rights.

11.2 The user is not allowed to interrupt or disrupt or disrupt in any manner the software, hardware, or networks that the website service is provided via the use of viruses or robots, worms, or any other kind of code or software.

11.3 The user cannot change or deter to block any security software or technology of DoramasQueen or cooperate in these duties.

11.4 The user must not fake or impersonate other users of the Website.

11.5 The user is not permitted to display commercial advertisements that are not legal on the Website or use the Website’s Contents to promote commercial advertising that is not authorized or in any other manner, threaten or inflict harm on an individual or entity.

12. Minors

The Website is designed for users over 14 (14) years old, and DoramasQueen is not liable for any illegal access to and usage of the Website.

13. Advertising

The Website may include advertisements or may be sponsored. The sponsors and advertisers are entirely accountable for ensuring that the material they upload to be included on the Website complies with any laws that might apply to each situation. DoramasQueen cannot be held accountable for any inaccuracy, error, or irregularity present in the advertisement content or sponsors.

14. Protection of your data

DoramasQueen will handle personal information collected on its Website according to the Privacy Policy.

15. Rights to intellectual and industrial property

15.1 It is covered by rights of intellectual property and industrial. For instance, but not limited to the graphic design, content logos, source code text graphics, illustrations, photos, and other elements that appear within site. So, the user agrees that reproduction distribution, commercialization, transformation, and, generally any other manner of exploitation, through any method, of all or any part of the Website is a violation of the rights to intellectual or industrial property of DoramasQueen or the person who owns the Website if the user has not previously obtained express permission.

15.2 DoramasQueen is the legitimate owner of the exploitation rights to Contents published on the Website worldwide for an extended period entirely and without limitation of any kind. Notably, and as a matter of illustration, but not limiting, DoramasQueen may reproduce totally, or in part, market disseminates, translate, publicly publish prints, alter the form, alter, or make modifications and modifications to the Contents, and sign agreements with third parties to transfer its rights and agree to its distribution, and even grant the exploitation rights.

15.3 The trademarks, logos, trade names, and other distinctive marks of any kind that are displayed on the Website are legally protected.

15.4 The user is not permitted to modify or utilize said intellectual or industrial property in such a manner that its disclosure harms DoramasQueen. DoramasQueen is entitled to claim damages that arise from the improper usage by another third party of their intellectual property and industrial.

15.5 DoramasQueen does not grant any license or authorization for any kind to use its intellectual or industrial property rights or any other property or right that is related to the Website, its Services, or Contents.

16. Notification of violations

16.1 If the user infringes on intellectual and industrial property rights or any other rights of third parties, they will be notified by DoramasQueen when it is aware of the violations, and it will cease to display the Content that violates rights. The user is accountable for the infraction in such a situation, and DoramasQueen will terminate the Website’s accessibility.

16.2 If anyone or any entity believes that the Content posted on the Website violates their intellectual or intellectual property rights or rights to privacy, honor image, or another right, they can contact DoramasQueen via any of the channels listed on the Website under in the field “Infringement of right” or request its removal and provide the following details:

identification of the rights guaranteed by the current law that is believed to be violated

Identification of Contents that are allegedly in violation of the rights of the person concerned with enough information to permit DoramasQueen to find the Content on the Website

Contact details (physical and electronic addresses and the number of the phone) to ensure that DoramasQueen can contact said person or entity.

A statement that states that the individual or company affirms that the information in the notice is true and accurate and declares that they are the owners of the infringed rights or is legally authorized to act on behalf of its and

A copy of your DNI passport, DNI, or another official document proves your authenticity.

DoramasQueen will reply to the request, and if it believes that the person or entity has justifiable reasons or reasons to ask for the removal of the material, the company will move to remove it immediately from the Website to ensure that they’re not accessible to users, or even any cache memory.

17. The law that applies and the lawful jurisdiction

According to current Spanish law, these Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted and governed.

Any dispute, controversy, or dispute over the interpretation, application, and finalization in these terms and conditions shall be filed with the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Barcelona.